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3 Heart STEAM Invitations

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. The difference is that arts are included, ranging from visual arts, language arts & physical arts to music + more. STEAM focuses on sparking imagination and creativity through the arts in ways that naturally align with STEM learning. These three STEAM invitations are as follows: Floating Hearts, Mixed Recycled Hearts Collage, & Hidden Colored Hearts.

Floating Hearts: You will need a sensory tray filled with water. Markers, cotton rounds, & scissors. Cut the cotton rounds into hearts, followed by tapping dots with markers onto the hearts. Invite the child to drop the hearts into the water and see the beautiful colors escape the cotton rounds.

Mixed Recycled Hearts Collage: You will need a piece of recycled cardboard, bubble wrap, cupcake liners, cotton rounds, glue, scissors, tempera paint, and paint brushes. Cut out one big heart out of recycled cardboard followed by a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes with the other materials. Invite the child to glue the hearts all over the large cardboard heart followed by painting.

Hidden Colored Hearts: You will need a heart shape cupcake tin, liquid water colors or food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, and droppers. Place drops of liquid water colors or food coloring at the base of the tin. Fill each tin with baking soda hiding the colors. Provide vinegar and droppers and invite the child to experiment and surface the hidden colors.

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