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T-Rex Loose Parts Play

Once I saw the magical Mermaid idea from @natures.playroom that was inspired by @sensory_with_florence it was a no brainer to create this T-Rex Version.

As the base I placed this dinosaur cut out I happen to have in bulk. You can also draw it out on cardboard or poster board. Then I cut sturdy recycled craft rolls in different sizes and glued them on to the dinosaur. You can also used recycled toilet and paper towel tubes.

In a tinker tray I placed rocks, dried beans, wood cookies, and flat marbles. In the bowls is dyed rice using liquid water colors to make it lime and green colored. Scoopers or tweezers of different kinds are placed as the tools a child(ren) can use to transfer the loose parts and rice onto the dinosaur.

This invitation packs so many benefits. When using tools such as scoopers, tweezers, or hands to transfer materials it requires precise movement and helps in hand-eye coordination. It engages and exercises the child's ability to promote attention to detail. When designing the body of the dinosaur with loose parts it fosters problem solving skills, creativity, exposure to new materials, and decision making through play. Through this kind of invitation they are really creating, developing/mastering fine motor skills + hand-eye coordination, and becoming aware of limitless possibilities.

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