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Invitation to Explore with Easter Eggs

Egg Roller Painting: This is just like marble painting but with eggs. Take a plastic eggs and put two marbles or rocks inside. You can cut the paper in the shape of an egg or leave it as is. Place the paper in the box then drop spots of paint and the eggs in the box. Have your child shake and tilt the box lid to make the eggs roll around. The eggs paint the paper as they roll.

Sink or Float Eggs: Have your child fill eggs with different materials from around the house or loose parts. Then have them test which egg will sink or float in a body of water.

Pom Pom Color Sorting & Number Counting// Children have a natural desire to make sense of their world, to create order. For that reason, sorting activities often attract children. In fact, many children will start sorting things without even being taught. Simply set out this invitation with different colored eggs placed in a egg carton, colorful pom poms, and if you have tweezers or tongs you can enhance your child’s fine motor skills with those tools. Sorting is a beginning math skill. It may seem that a big chunk early math is about learning numbers and quantity, but there's much more to it. By sorting, children understand that things are alike and different as well as that they can belong and be organized into certain groups. Getting practice with sorting at an early age is important for numerical concepts and grouping numbers and sets when they're older. This type of thinking starts them on the path of applying logical thinking to objects, mathematical concepts and every day life in general. When the children use their finger muscles to squeeze the tweezers in order to pick up each pom pom and place it in the empty eggs it helps strengthen the children’s fine motor skills which in turns gets their hands ready for pencil grasp. This teaches the child to sequence a multi-step activity as well as challenge their memory by progressively increasing the demands of the activity. This course provided sensory input of tactile (touch) sensory input, through capturing the colorful pom poms and placing them in the eggs.

Eggs & Waterbeads: Fill up a sensory bin or bowl with waterbeads and plastic eggs. Simply let your child explore. Tip: If you don’t have water beads you can use shaving cream, water, rice, or dried beans as the base.

Egg Printing: Open a few plastic eggs. Place paint in plates. Have your child stamp the egg in the paint and print however they please. If you want to enhance the experience a step further you can do color theory mixing with primary colors ( red + blue, blue + yellow, yellow+ red).

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