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Invitation to Create Snowflakes

This invitation to create consists of snow flake process art three ways. Snow Flake Resist Art inspired by Busy Toddler's resist tape, Salt Painted Snowflakes, and Coffee Filter Snowflakes.

Before inviting a child to create snowflakes you can read a book, show images or videos of snowflakes to open up a discussion and ignite their curiosity about them. For example showing the structure of a snowflake and explaining how no two snowflakes are exactly the same and they are all six-sided hexagonal shapes due to the molecular structure of ice. This will integrate and deepen their connection with snowflakes.

Snow flake resist art simply consists of placing tape in a snowflake design on cardboard and having your child paint all over the cardboard with a paint brush. Once it dries, remove the tape and see the amazing design it created.

Salt Painted Snowflakes consists of creating designs with glue, sprinkle it with salt or epsom salt, and let it dry. Once dry provide the child with liquid water colors to paint the snowflakes. They can use either droppers, pipettes, or paint brushes.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes consists of simply letting you child paint the filters with liquid colors. They can use either droppers, pipettes, or paint brushes. After the coffee filters dry, if the child is old enough they can cut designs if not you can.

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