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Invitation to Create Round is A Tortilla

Learning shapes, numbers, colors, and letters is a skill a child will learn when they are developmentally ready. Whatever age your child is (infants-six), take a deep breath if they don't know how to say or recognize every symbol. Susie from Busy Toddler has a great article about the pressure we put on children knowing their letters, shapes, and numbers.

The book Round Is a Tortilla is not only a great way for children to learn more about shapes, it also makes them discover that shapes are all around them wherever they are. What is even better is that many of the objects are Latino in origin which gives exposure to another culture in a playful concept.

To further extend this literacy experiences as well as reinforce shape recognition inviting the child to create a recycled cardboard shape collage is a great way to connect through the arts. To set this invitation you will need to cut out different shapes just like the book from recycled cardboard. Invite the child to glue all the shapes all over the base. Next invite the child to paint with brushes or fingers freely.

This invitation may seem that it only focuses on learning more about shapes, but it can also be a fun way to learn about another culture, build their recognition/language of the symbols and colors, enhance their fine motor skills when gluing and painting, and honoring their creativity as they create.

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