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I-Spy Halloween Tuff Tray Exploration

Who remembers the magic of I-Spy Books in the 90s? You were so determined to find every little object on every page. A while back I saw @scholarschoice create an I-Spy Tuff Tray and my 90s childhood was screaming to make the book come to life with Halloween inspired #tufftray. Reading 'I spy' books or playing the game is great for so many learning skills without children even realizing it.

Read the I spy books as an introduction to provide exposure to the concept of the game. Set the invitation by placing a whole bunch of different halloween items or loose parts along with a magnifying glass. Invite the child to explore the materials or even play an i-spy game where you describe the item and have them use their magnifying glass to spot out the item!

They build a working memory as they search for the different objects they are having to remember in order to find the item. They enhance visual discrimination by seeing the difference between objects by asking them to develop an eye for details. They also obtain new vocabulary and language when they learn names of objects they may have never seen or experienced. As they touch the items they also enhance their senses.

So let the magic of @scholastic I-Spy books come to life in tuff tray play!

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