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Glow and The Dark Northern Lights Painting

After doing the Invitation to Explore the Northern Lights last week the children were still talking about it so much that we invited them to continue their current interest by painting in a new way. We placed out our star projector again to showcase what the Northern Lights would look like in real life, as well as looking real images and videos from around the world.

The Northern Lights are also known as Auroral displays that appear in many colors, forms in patches or scattered clouds of shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow. The bright lights are collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth's atmosphere and are seen above magnets poles of the northern and southern hemisphere.

We provided glow and the dark acrylic paint, paint brushes, black flat canvases, standing easel, and invited the children to paint the dark. Did you know an easel (small or large) is a brilliant piece of equipment for children to paint on that builds so many skills. Whether they are standing up or sitting, writing on vertical surfaces encourages and promotes their wrists to bend upwards the same way they do for writing. Since this is a more natural setting to improve their fine motor skills it will significantly help their handwriting skills in a developmentally appropriate manner. 

Besides the endless benefits of creativity painting has, through regular exposure it truly helps build their hand and finger strength by allowing them to perform small, precise, movements and developing these skills will also improve their hand-eye coordination, tactile perception, focus, and concentration.  

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