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Grow Maple Launch!

I am so excited for my friends Grow Maple to launch today, and stand by their efforts to move the world of parenting forward. Maple makes parenting easier by helping parents manage the load together, because it’s not 1950— it’s 50/50. Download the App Here!

Founder Michael Perry explaining Maple's mission to help households make the shift from 1950 to 50/50 here.

For the past couple of months it has been truly been amazing to continue to watch Maple evolve and be part of this process. Doing a collaboration for monthly Afternoon Activities for families and their littles has been such an honor Invitation to Paint on Ice, Invitation to Create Flower Soup,Nature Portraits, and Recycled Wall Collage Painting. Can't wait to do more together!

As a mother, your mind is constantly racing to make sure your family is taken care of at all costs. The mental and physical load we take is something that truly is miraculous and a force to be reckoned with. As an administrator of preschools and early childhood advocate, communication and planning to reach efficiency throughout the day is essential for me to feel centered. Organization and follow through clears my head and makes me reach my full potential. This is where Maple steps in to make sure it all happens with and for myself, my community and my village together. From the applications effortless accessibility to the endless resources provided, Maple continuously helps makes this journey easier. It is without a doubt a gift to the future of parenting. #growmaple

Lastly, if you haven't already Save the Date: Wednesday September 15th, 12-1pm PDT.

Join us for a Zoom Panel Discussion about an open conversation about education in the USA, with a panel of experts to help parents navigate the learning journey for kids.

In honor of school starting, Grow Maple is bringing together a panel of experts to have a real conversation around the future of education and what parents need to know.

Panelists: Stephanie Powell Dua - Co-Founder and President of Homer Fernande Raine - CEO and Founder, Got History Yasmeen Kamrani- Preschool Administrator & Founder of Tinkerwonderplay Lauren Ezzell - Moderator, Maple

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