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Three Ways to Explore Infant Sensory Balls

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

There are a multitude of Infant Sensory Balls to choose from, but did you know that besides letting an infant explore them on their own, you can enhance their exploration by placing them on a mirror, tray with water, or light table?

Simply place sensory balls on any of these materials and it will motivate infants for tummy time, fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination.

  1. Mirror- Infants love to look at the human face. Providing a baby-safe mirror allows the opportunity to gaze at themself, objects, and others in the reflection. Offering a mirror during playtime with an infant boosts their development in so many ways, from visual and language skills to gross motor movement.

  1. Water- The sensory exposure of water play encourages brain development while the grasping and moving the balls on their tummy itself is great for physical development.

  1. Light Table- Children are drawn to light and can often find it calming to interact with the glow of a light table.

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