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The Importance of Imaginative Play & Literacy

Two things we can't get enough of over here are PLAY and BOOKS. Reading and playing helps to develop and stimulate a young child's brain. When the two are intentionally integrated with one another in the early childhood environment, their cognitive development is supported, language & comprehension skills are improved, imagination & creativity is increased, and lifelong love of reading is created.

MerryMakers, a woman-owned business founded in 1994, created plush dolls and toys based on some of our favorite books to promote imaginative play & literacy. They work closely with the actual authors and illustrators and create toys that reflect the diverse personalities of the books.Recently we were so lucky to be gifted some new additions to our Library.

Here is one recent fun way we have set up an invitation for children to extend their literacy experience through play after reading Dragons Love Tacos. Can't wait to create more ways for children to expand their imaginations through reading and play!

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