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Dragons Love Tacos

Reading and playing helps to develop and stimulate a young child's brain. When the two are intentionally integrated with one another in the early childhood environment, their cognitive development is supported, language & comprehension skills are improved, imagination & creativity is increased, and lifelong love of reading is created.

After reading the story Dragons Love Tacos, we invited the children to extend their literacy experience through playing with dragons & pretend taco food!

As the children acted out the story, they acquired new vocabulary, learned to use the syntax & grammar, and gained a greater understanding of the book. These types of skills are crucial for laying the foundation for success in learning to read early on and will carry on throughout the rest of their lives.

Through this type of bringing literacy to life through play, the children engage with one another, tell their own stories, connect by communicating, collaborate to create, and let their imaginations expand.

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