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Tea Time Sensory Play

To continue to learn more about the Persian culture for Nowruz, an invitation to explore tea through their senses(taste, touch, smell, see) is a great way to learn about it.

Persians love their chaii (black tea). No matter the time of day the tea is always brewing either in a samovar or kettle. It is a drink to welcome guests to one’s home, enjoy before after your meal & in between, and provide comfort. Typically it is served with sugar cubes, nabat (saffron rock candy), dates or other sweets and pastries. Sometimes the tea is infused with cardamom or rose petals.

The book Teatime Around the World written by Denyse Waissbluth & illustrated by Chelsea O’Bryne is a great introduction of the diversity of teatime around the world.

To extend the literacy experiencing providing a sensory invitation filled with tasting, feeling and seeing the book come to life is a great way to expose a child more about different cultures.

The first part of the invitation is tasting the tea with the sweet treats and the second half is exploring the tea through ‘water play’ and real life skills of pouring the tea. This way they truly explore all their senses.

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