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MyRider® Chariot

Did you know that riding a tricycle or bike is a rite of passage for most children in the early years? When young children ride a tricycle or bike they learn, develop, and benefit so many skills. When a child rides a tricycle or bike it improves their coordination and balance moving various muscle groups, promotes development of hand-eye coordination, and enhances their arm and leg coordination as they maneuver getting on and off the bike. All these gross motor movements are great for promoting continuous physical movement and development.

As they learn to ride you will see a child beam with confidence as they master finding the way to tackle the challenges of obtaining the skills to ride. With that confidence comes independence to navigate from one area to another on their own, which also will make them more aware of different modes of


While riding the bike, comes falls, bumps, bruises, and scraps. Believe it or not this will instill more safety and self awareness of themselves and those around them, as they will become more spatially aware while building their instincts. With more risk taking (riding faster, over bumps, downhill, uphill, etc.) provides for new skill sets that will lead them to be more open to try new adventures.

The MyRider® Chariot unique design features a cargo bed for hauling which leads to endless play possibilities. Whether it is their friend, stuffed animals, foraged sticks, watering can, loose parts, the cargo bed provides opportunities for a child to use their imagination and be creative to tow whatever they desire.

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