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Little Tree Sensory Bottles + Loose Parts on the Light Table

The story "Little Tree" by Loren Long, is not only a great book to read on how and when leaves changes, the seasons, weather, colors, and more. It is a great book for opening up discussion about facing change, challenges of growing up and letting go. Since the world looks and feels different for many children this is a great way to connect how nature constantly changes and life does as well.

When we read books related to what is going on in the world around them, it makes more intentional and motivating for children to explore. Information can be gained from these books in context of a story. The pictures and words can impart a lot of meaning and information to help the children learn more about at topic, relate their own experiences, and guide the children's curiosity about how the world works.

To extend an intentional literacy experience to further ignite a child's wonder setting an invitation to recreate fall foliage with loose parts + fall colored sensory bottles on a light table is an open ended way through to play to help them comprehend and retain the information from the story.

To set this invitation provide a light table where the children can explore fall like loose parts (acorns, wood rounds, fabric leaves, expired pasta, cinnamon sticks, wooden leaves, and twigs . You can also add fall colored sensory bottles.

To make these Growing Up Yang Inspired sensory bottles you will need an empty sensory bottle. Fill 3/4 of the bottle with warm water, add fine fall colored glitter, fill the rest of the bottle with clear glue, add glue to the rim of the cap, and shake well.

Through this type of invitation children are really creating and exploring with what they have and what they already know, and combining that to create a whole that’s greater than the parts. Watching how the different combinations of materials inspire the child to create different variations truly honors a child's free creative play intentionally.

Another way to explore this book is from this Loose Parts Invitation from a couple years back!

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