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Little Mermaid Small World Play

Last week our dreams came true seeing Disney's live action Little Mermaid movie in the theatre. My older son was begging to create a small world play of the Little Mermaid, so naturally my inner child screamed at the opportunity to set this up.

In our Discount School Supply Tuff Tray I placed iridescent cellophane as the based, poured water and splashes of Colorations teal liquid watercolors. Next on acrylic iridescent display stands I placed Ariel and her sisters. To the side of it I created Ariel's secret grotto which is where her vast treasure trove of human objects, antiques, artifacts, and other stuff that she has collected. Life under the sea is better with sea animals, figurines, coral, and seashells. And, lastly for a special splash effect a solar fountain pump.

To say this was one of my favorite small world plays to create is an understatement. This is a peak example of the magic of small world play. When children see movies, read books, experience environments, or spark an interest in a subject matter, being able to PLAY with intentional materials honors their interest, imagination, curiosities, and wonder. Play comes in all different forms, and our core memories are associated with play that was meaningful to us. To this day I distinctly remember staying in the pool or bathtub imagining I was Ariel, always wearing my Ariel costume, and PLAYING with my Ariel doll.

Childhood can quite possibly be some of the most magical years with such wondrous films like the Little Mermaid, so why not spread more magic with PLAY and create memories that will stay with a child forever!

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