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Invitation to Fill the Tropical Leaf

To create this invitation I took recycled cardboard, drew some tropical leaves, and cut out the largest leaf with a box cutter. Then I taped the cardboard onto our sensory bin. We re-used our dyed rice that was made with Colorations liquid water colors from Discount School Supply.

The object of this invitation is to practice filling, scooping and pouring with different tools such as ladles, measuring cups, bowls, scooper, or simply their hands. These types of activities help develop fine motor skills as well as using math concepts such as less and more. Tasks such as this help children coordinate their hand movements with what they are seeing and feeling. Using open-ended invitations means children are developing skills and processes such as problem-solving, experimenting and adapting as they explore the materials in the environment.

Filling, scooping, and pouring invitations can be used as a means to develop fine motor skills associated with practical life skills, but one of the best values is the exposure of sensory experiences in childhood.

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