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Invitation to Create Leafy Critters

Absorbing nature around us and gathering natural materials as much as possible in the early childhood setting provides opportunity for the child to connect and become aware of the world around them.

Yvonne Lacet is an internationally celebrated artist and photographer who works on projects in which the landscape, and nature play an important role. Her book Leafy Critters looks to the natural world for inspiration and artistic materials to engage children or adults to create animals through natural materials.

To set this invitation you can go forage a variety of twigs, leaves, stems, acorns, rocks, and flowers. Place the materials in a tinker tray, provide a base of (thick paper, mirror, light table, contact paper, or tray) and let imaginations run wild. Open the pages of the book to provoke the child to replicate or be inspired by the the designs and patterns within the book.

As they do this it will challenge their imaginations to think outside the box with natural materials and also provided a great way to pay attentions to all the details nature provides. It’s an amazing way children can explore textures, express creativity, and connect with the natural world.

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