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Invitation to Build an Igloo

An igloo, also known as a snow house or snow hut, is a type of shelter built of suitable snow. The structure is built from blocks of compressed snow which are carefully shaved and placed to fit in optimal positions. The igloo works by the thermal conductivity being low by stopping heat from being transferred into the surroundings which makes for highly effective insulators.

After learning about igloos and reading the story Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett we invited the children to recreate igloos. We provided Dollar Tree containers in clear, white, blue colors, recycled styrofoam blocks, and Discount School Supply Ice Blocks. We invited the children to stretch their thinking of how to create an igloo by exploring the engineering and design process with all of these materials.

In the early years a child's work is to constantly problem solve through play. This invitation is a perfect opportunity to challenge a building experience to think and create in new ways with out of the norm materials while learning about how different types of structures are built. When a child is left to create and explore, it stretches their problem-solving and observational skills by all the ways they have to figure out how to build an igloo.

STEM subliminally provides awesome real life lessons that are so valuable and enriching to a child. Through these images we get a window into the glimpse of all the unique ways a child interprets information, expresses creativity, all while building and mastering new skills. The beauty of STEM is that there are limitless opportunities for the child to create.

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