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Illumibugs Light Table Exploration Exploration

The Illumibugs booked ignited us to explore the world of mini beasts with the magic of light and color. In the book we discovered in detail over 180 minibeasts from every continent, under the sea, and even from prehistoric times.

Since the book highlighted the magic of light and color to extend the literacy experiences about all things insects we invited the children to explore on a light table with cellophane, translucent loose parts, x-ray images, pressed insects, and resin specimens. We simply invited the children to explore, create, and play with the materials. The best part of all these open ended materials is that it is such an ideal way to let young children explore concepts, color, nature, science, and more through light.

Hands-on invitations such as this are truly tangible to young children. Light and colors are all around us and from birth and children pay a great deal of attention to them due to its ever evolving magical nature. The presence of light and color instantly makes a child curious whether they are chasing a shadow, using a flash light, exploring with blocks, due to the fact that they are always drawn to light and their imagination truly becomes limitless in this type of play where a child's creativity is ignited and honored.

When children are left to explore, they are engaged and intrigued by the many interesting possibilities with the materials.Through playing and exploring open ended materials, they are able to explore a whole range of theories and enhance so much of their development and understanding of the world. They are fascinated and deeply engaged/enamored by the interplay of the materials.

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