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Foraged Fine Motor Bottle Drop

What may seem like an easy developmental milestone to conquer, learning to take things in and out of containers can be quite the tasked for a baby/toddler. Typically babies/toddlers naturally learn to take things out before putting them. Therefore an invitation to explore foraged loose parts to drop in a bottle, exposes them how to learn to put different objects in the container through play.

This invitation is so much more than a bottle and loose parts. It’s an exploration that a child can play with, engage with, and be successful with. All the while they are enhancing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordiation, cause and effect, and spatial awareness.

Having an invitation that provides a child to focus and work on something that they can conquer instills confidence and gives them a feeling of mastery.

Safety Notes: Anytime a child, no matter the age, is provided with or near any choking hazard supervision is of the utmost priority. Anytime boundaries need to be established to ensure safety before inviting a child to play is a great opportunity to guide a child to interact with objects and materials in a safe manner. Therefore having discussions or modeling before they engage in loose parts play is ideal. If it is not within your threshold of comfort to provide your child or children in your care with loose parts that is completely understandable.

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