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Dress-Up Day

There have been a lot of sick days over here, and this book has been a perfect relatable read. In the story a little girl misses her classroom costume party and decides she is going to dress up the next day anyway! While she questions her decision, a new friend turns her self-conscious moment into a wonderful one by joining in on the fun. This book is a great ode to friendship, embracing individuality, and putting yourself out there no matter the occasion.

After reading this story sick at home, we decided to dress up and play! In dramatic play, dress-up play is role playing and storytelling that helps children develop ideas about how the world works in so many ways. It is a type of play that every child needs to experience as it has so many benefits! Dress-up play has profound positive effects on a child’s development. It fosters imagination, let’s a child explore themself, and the world around them, strengthens relationships, improves language/communication, builds empathy, fine/gross motor skills, life skills, and process feelings to help their social emotional development.

A child’s imagination is one of their greatest tools and this type of play is vital in their development. When they pretend to cook, become an animal, take care of their babies, and more, they are acting out actions, which they have watched in the world around them. Pretending to care for a doll or be a super hero does more than just expand vocabulary, it provides opportunity practicing life skills, helps them work through strong emotions, and empowers them to feel capable of accomplishing or overcoming anything all through the power of play.

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