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You Matter Story Sequencing

The book You Matter by Author and Illustrator Christian Robinson is filled with his unmistakeable vibrant diverse imagery that is filled with many perspectives around that world, engaging the reader to see how everyone is connected and matters. The beautiful message of self-worth through his simple but meaningful message of You Matter is prompt that can be for meaningful conversations for families and the classroom.

His message and beautiful images ignited me to create Story Sequencing Props all with recycled materials and art supplies from Discount School Supply.

Circle and story time is a powerful way to have conversations with children. Typically in an early childhood classroom we have the children participate with sequencing props (felt stories, story spoons/sticks, puppets,etc.) to act out a story. Being able to observe, recall, and sequence events is an important life skill. In sequencing, children learn about patterns in relationships and they learn to understand the order of things. By learning to sequence, children develop the ability to understand and arrange purposeful patterns of actions, behaviors, ideas, or thoughts. Ordering stories and directions helps children develop necessary skills such as reasoning and inferring. It also helps them become better writers later down the line as they learn there is a logical sequence of events in stories and life.

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