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X-Mas Block Play with Lights & Loose Parts

There are so many fun ways to do Christmas STEM invitations. One of our favorite ways is by providing lights for the child(ren) to decorate whatever they create. In the past we have done Christmas STEM with Picasso Tiles with Lights + Bells. This year we decided to use our wooden blocks, loose parts, bottle brush trees, and fairy lights.

Simply provide blocks, loose parts, bottle brush trees, and a set of fairy lights and invite the child(ren) to create whatever Christmas scene, village, house, building, city, town, or store. The beauty of pairing loose parts, block play, and lights is that it truly provides the opportunity for a child to have limitless opportunities to create a world through their imagination. Since children are naturally drawn to light this enhances their visual sensory experience.

We know that block play in early childhood is something that is constant and continuous throughout the many stages of their development. As they grow by adding loose parts and an element of light to be on hand, it encourages to deepen and extend their play. This type of play with loose parts and light lets the child truly shape and create according to their own vision. Since loose parts and light are so versatile & illuminating, they can become anything and everything.

For this type of play you can really use any type of blocks and loose parts. What is pictured here are a wide range of materials that I have collected over the years, purchased on FB Marketplace, DIY, or have been gifted.


Loose Parts:



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