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We Are the Water Protectors Collaborative Art

The book We Are Water Protectors is a perfect book to read during Native American Heritage Month. The story written by Carole Lindstrom and illustrated by Michaela Goade is about indigenous led movements to safeguard the Earth's water.

While reading this story we had such a great discussion in order to deepen the children's understanding of the importance of water. We asked the children questions like: How is water used daily? Where does water come from? What can poison water? What can we do to save water and the environment? How can we do better to help planet earth? Why is water so important? These types of questions teach children about community, how we can take action to help, and empower them to do better together for our environment.

Since the book is full of images of nature we integrated the literacy experience by inviting the children to collaboratively paint water through resist art with liquid watercolor and salt glue/hot glue designs.

Integrating art to deepen the connection with the literacy experience is a great way to continue the discussion of the book as well as giving the child the freedom to be creative. Creativity is as important as literacy so when the two come together it sure makes for beautiful art.

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