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Three Mae Jemison Invitations

#MaeJemison is a female engineer, physician, & former NASA astronaut who became the first black woman to travel into space. March is #womenshistorymonth, and Mae Jemison is an exceptional figure to teach young children about. We have been reading the books Mae Among the Stars,Little People, Big Dreams: Mae Jemison, and Mae Jemison. These stories share Mae's curiosity, intelligence, & determination from a young age that will inspire to reach for the stars, dream big, aspire for the impossible, and persist with imagination.

After reading these stories we set up three invitations where the children can explore being an astronaut going to outer space!

1. Space Small World Play// In our #tufftray we placed black kinetic sand, rocks, flat marbles, acrylic gems, planets, and space figurines. The children were invited to explore, imagine, discover, and play in space just like Mae.

2. Galaxy Spray Painting// In our @discountschoolsupply spray bottles we poured in Metallic BioColor Paint and diluted it with water. Placed butcher paper on the ground and galaxy tablecloth as a point of inspiration. The children were invited to create a galaxy. 

3. Recycled Cardboard Spaceship// We created a spaceship out of recycled cardboard boxes. Provided black and white tempera paint. The children were invited to paint! 

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