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The Importance of Skin to Skin Time

Been soaking up extra newborn cuddles thanks to #gifted Bonsie skin to skin wear. Skin to skin time is the first step in developing a loving, empathetic and lifelong bond according to Bonsie.

Benefits of Practicing Skin to Skin:


  • Stabilizes heart and breathing rates

  • Helps baby regulate temperature and blood sugar

  • Helps baby sleep more soundly and wake less often.


  • Increases levels of oxytocin in mom and baby

  • Promotes healing for mom

  • Helps baby cry less

  • Lowers mom's risk of postpartum mood disorder


  • Boosts brain functioning & development

  • Allows for the sharing of good bacteria between mom and baby

  • Boosts baby's immune system and protects against illness and disease


  • Helps initiate breastfeeding

  • Helps baby attach to caretakers if breastfeeding is not an option

  • Builds moms milk supply

  • Helps baby gain weight faster

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