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Ten Little Shoes

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Let’s talk feet. Why you ask on an Early Childhood Education platform? For two reasons 1) In child development we focus so much on how the child utilizes their hands but forget that their feet are just as important. 2) After countless years in the field I have seen SO MANY shoes. Not only are Ten Little shoes healthy for children’s feet, they are so easy to put on and take off. With that ease they foster independence in life skills and should a child need help, these are fuss free for the adult.

Bare feet are important to optimal nervous system and brain development. There are two other sensory systems that are rarely talked about-the proprioceptive system and the vestibular system. Proprioception gives us the ability to perceive the motion and position of our bodies in space, while the vestibular system is responsible for balance and coordination. The development of both of these senses relies heavily on sensory input we receive through bare feet, especially during infancy and childhood. When activated by pressure and movement, nerve endings in the feet called proprioceptors send signals to the brain telling it how the body is oriented. When a child is allowed to be barefoot, their tactile pathways feel the surface of the ground, proprioceptors respond to pressure, and the terrain creates slight imbalances that create neuromuscular strength, spatial orientation, balance, and coordination.

This is why when it is time to pick shoes for your little ones getting healthy shoes for your child’s development is important. Even with letting your child be barefoot as much as possible, there are still places and times where putting on shoes for safety and peace of mind is necessary. These shoes were created by two mamas who happen to be a podiatrist and pediatrician who wanted functional healthy movement for children’s feet.

Once Cy started walking around 12 months we bought these and never looked back. We are on our third set and they have become a staple.

Everyday Original in Space Black

Check out their website as they go above and beyond to find a perfect fit. They provide you with a printable to measure your child's fit accurately. The shoes also come with stickers for your child to get creative and put their own spin on their shoes.

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