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STEM Water Exploration

Part of one of another Pre-K legacy gift is complete at another center! Every year the money we raise from our Art Walk Silent Auction goes to the graduating Pre-K class legacy gift. At this center we decided to enhance our outdoor play space with Excellerations® STEM Water Table.

Today we provided different sized galvanized buckets, funnels, measuring cups, utensils and natural foraged loosed parts. The children were invited to pump, pour, splash, mix, and explore their new STEM Water Table.

There is so much math & science happening in an open ended way through this area. Through this type of play, children are exposed to are able to understand more & investigate ideas such as more/less, same/different, many/few, empty/full, before/after, greater than/less than. Children also learn physics principles such as the effects of force (increasing the water flow through increased force); effects of gravity (water runs downhill) etc.

Plenty of language development is enhanced when the children discuss the ingredients/techniques they were using, imaginations were blossoming as they made new creations of their own, and lots of collaboration when they took turns/problem solved.

Whenever water play is incorporated in play fosters creativity & enables children to experiment freely. We are so excited to have this amazing addition to our outdoor play space! Stay tuned for part two of our new enhanced space.

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