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STEM Building with Clay & Recycled Cardboard

After being inspired by Teachmakecreate on IG a couple weeks ago, we had to give this STEM invitation a go with Colorations Non Hardening Clay Set of 30 that was #gifted from Discount School Supply and tons of different recycled cardboard on our tuff tray.

The importance of using clay in early childhood is deeply rooted in the endless benefits it has. It can be cut, pinched, rolled, squeezed and moulded into different shapes and the texture can be changed by adding water. It can be reused and recycled when it is dry or turned into a permanent sculpture. Clay provides children with many opportunities to be creative and expressive. The different texture, consistency allows children to manipulate the clay in order to help develop the child’s large and small muscles, foster eye-hand coordination, ability to focus/build attention span, be creative, learn about texture/shapes/forms/3-D objects, and while socializing with others they are communicating + collaborating while expressing feelings and ideas.

When you add in another element such as recycled cardboard it creates an opportunity for STEM building which further compels the child to use the clay in an exciting way to further ignite a child’s creative process and challenge their cognitive thinking.

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