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Snowball STEM Challenge

This STEM invitation lets children build and balance materials through open ended exploration with snowballs! With plastic cups, cds, recycled paper tubes, hair rollers, spools, and snowballs the children were invited to stretch their thinking by exploring the engineering and design process.

In the early years a child's work is to constantly problem solve through play. This invitation is a perfect opportunity to challenge a building experience to think and create in new ways with out of the norm materials. Since there is no wrong or right way to do this invitation, the possibilities are endless. From castles, smoothies, igloos, and towers galore the children created so many amazing things.

When a child is left to create and explore, it stretches their problem-solving skills by all the ways they have to figure out how to build with all the materials. Through all these trials, the children are able to analyze the situation more critically and come up with the most creative solutions through the power of their imagination in their own very unique way.

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