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Sensory Shapes on the Light Table

When Discount School Supply #gifted these neon-bright Sensory Silicone Shapes I just had to put them on Guidecraft Light Table for this #invitaitontoexplore. Adding the sensory shapes to the light table provides for an excellent resource for sensory input. Children are often calmed by the glow of the table and the visual stimulation enhances their experience as they explore.

There are eight flexible shapes that are visually and tactically stimulating. Perfect for infants and toddlers as they are bendable, twistable, and teethable. Sensory experiences are important throughout all of early childhood and a great way to learn through play. "If it hasn’t been in the hand and the body, then it can’t be in the brain." Bev Boss When a child is exposed to sensory materials such as these, it makes them focus and pay attention to detail way more than a flashcard.

While this invitation focuses on shapes, it can also be a fun way to match colors, shapes, make patterns, and build their recognition/language of the symbols. Learning shapes, numbers, and is a skill a child will learn when they are developmentally ready. Whatever age your child is (infants-six), take a deep breath if they don't know how to say or recognize every symbol. Susie from Busy Toddler has a great article about the pressure we put on children knowing their letters, shapes, and numbers.

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