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Room on The Broom Story Sequencing & Action Art

Story time is a powerful way to build meaningful literacy skills. Today we read the story Room on the Broom and as we read the books we had our felt board out to use our literature inspired Rally Felt Co. Set. Felt Sets are amazing to use for story sequencing props. They help a child to be able to observe, recall, and sequence events. In story sequencing, children learn about patterns in relationships and they learn to understand the order of things. By learning to sequence, the children develop the ability to understand and arrange purposeful patterns of actions, behaviors, ideas, or thoughts. Ordering stories and directions helps children develop necessary skills such as reasoning and inferring. It also helps them become better writers later down the line as they learn there is a logical sequence of events in stories and life.

After reading the story we further extended the literacy experience by inviting the children to become witches on broomsticks for some Action Process Art! We provided small brooms and pampas grass as their broomstick brushes. Provided Colorations BioColor & Tempera Paint and butcher paper as their canvas. The children were invited to paint by flying on their broomsticks!

With the little witches cackling with excitement, they loved exploring the different ways they could use the brooms in order to paint. They brushed the butcher paper making different strokes and mixed all the colors. There was definitely some problem solving to do from beginning to end when discovering how to maneuver and use the paint brushes. Gross motor skills were being enhanced as they had to use their whole body to move the broom sticks. Endless creativity was flowing as their imaginations were running wild pretending to be witches.

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