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Recycled Textured Tower Process Art

They beauty of process art is that anything and everything can be used as a canvas. This invitation is stacked recycled cardboard boxes wrapped with recycled packing materials (bubble wrap+ butcher paper) and some materials around the house (aluminum foil). For paint we used Colorations Washable Finger Paints #gifted.

Let the child use the greatest paintbrush, their fingers to explore and feel all the different textures, groves, height, surfaces, through painting with their hands. Finger painting is one of the first ways a child explores painting as it is much easier than to hold a brush. At any age, finger painting involves major senses – visual, auditory, kinesthetic – thereby improving the sensory abilities of the child. Since it is such an excellent physical exercise it involves the muscles of the finger and the hand as well as muscles of the shoulder, neck and the back. This makes it a good training exercise for the child to help build skills for painting with tools, cutting and writing. As the child paints it involves exploring colors through mixing and combing, thereby giving ample exposure to color recognition.

Painting in any form provides children with an avenue to express their feelings in a visual way, which further helps their social emotional development. The more a child is exposed to different types of art it leads to seeing the world in different ways, becoming more observant, feeling creative and appreciating the different forms of art.

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