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Rainbow Pipe Cleaner Fine Motor Finger Gym

Fine Motor finger gym number one is six recycled pint size plastic berry baskets and number two is a kitchen colander.

To prep this activity I sorted Colorations Pipe Cleaners from Discount School Supply by the colors of the rainbow. Next, I placed the six colors of pipe cleaned in each berry basket and then in the colander.

Finger gyms are great for enhancing fine motor skills because a child is literally using their hands and minds to make this activity work. This invitation is an ideal challenge to be able to grasp objects with their whole hand or with thumb and index finger, in order to refine their fine motor activities such as lacing beads on a string, writing, cutting, etc. later down the line. Finger gyms teach children how to be patient and strategies about how they can succeed to remove the pipe cleaners. While this invitation may look easy and simple, it does take a bit of planning, problem solving and consistent thought process for the child to succeed. It teaches a child how to guide and use their hands and fingers so that they can grasp the pipe cleaners effectively and efficiently.

As with many activities, taking the pipe cleaner out of the baskets or colander is easier than putting them back in, so this invitation can provides a natural grading of challenge as they grow and obtain a variety of skill levels. When and if they are old enough, putting the pipe cleaner in the colander or baskets encourages precise hand movements and higher level hand-eye coordination than lower level play skills such as stacking two blocks or placing pegs in a board.

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