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Rainbow Arch Trio Climber

Children's Factory Rainbow Arch Trio Climber #gifted is perfect for encouraging imaginative and gross motor play! With three movable sets of colorful arches that nest to form a rainbow there are so many ways for children to climb, lay them end to end, nest them, crawl over and under, or turn over and rock!

Encouraging imaginative play is a vital part of childhood and child development. Through imaginative play children can grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and even physically. Creative experiences where a child is able to maneuver and create through play helps a child develop these skills and enable them to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Children need to be exposed to diverse gross motor opportunities to move freely and experiment with different resources to help their skills develop. When a child is given the time and space to develop gross motor skills their confidence and self-esteem improves as they develop the ability to take part in exploration, regular physical activity can help a child achieve long-lasting good health, and gross motor activities can have a positive impact on school readiness skills later on such as reading, writing and sitting posture.

The Rainbow Arch Trio is perfect for honoring their imagnitve and developing their gross motor play.

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