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Primary Colors Unit

Primary Color Squishy Bags: Grab three Ziploc bags. In the each bag place the paint color combos of yellow + blue, blue + red, and red + yellow. Before letting them mix the colors ask them to predict what they think each bag will create. Let your child mix the colors.

Color Theory Water Play: In a sensory bin, bathtub, water table, or kiddie pool, provide various sized bowls, Tupperware, and cups. Place drops of red, blue and yellow liquid water colors or food coloring. Have your child experiment mixing different colored water to create new ones.

Color Mixing With Ice Cubes: Freeze ice in the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. You can use food coloring or liquid water colors. You can freeze them in Tupperware, silicon molds, or ice cube trays. Simply let them build and color mix through open ended exploration. You can have them explore in a sensory bin or on paper.

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