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Pre-K Science Fair

Our Annual Pre-K Science Fair just wrapped up last week and there were so many innovative projects! 

Children are all natural born scientists in their own unique ways. From birth, they are curious beings that are constantly observing, exploring, and questioning almost everything and anything taking place in their environments. The importance of incorporating science within early childhood is that children are capable of anything and have an insatiable need to understand everything. Science is EVERYWHERE and a natural way for children to engage and explore phenomena in their environment. Whether it is looking for bugs under rocks, mixing colors when they paint, pouring water, observing leaves changing through the seasons, children are naturally curious about what is happening around them all the time. 

We asked the families in our program to share the joy of discovery through creating a science project together with their child and present it at our Annual Pre-K Science Fair. 

Each child chose one experiment to share with their classmates, teachers, and other families on the day of our Science Fair. Projects were on a Tri-Fold Project Board or Poster Board with simple information about the Scientific Method.

The day of presentation methods were either to: 1. Take pictures or draw the child conducting the activity at home together and place them on the project board with the Scientific Method information or 2. Conduct the project at the Science Fair on the day of and bring the project board with Scientific Method information.

The Science Fair honors our little scientists while providing a meaningful learning experience. It encourages them to develop critical thinking skills and stimulates the child’s interest in scientific subjects. Together, we all play an important role in the success of a child's learning journey, and this quality time spent together will not only honor their young inquisitive minds, it will guide them to be life-long lovers of science throughout the rest of their education. 

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