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Practical Life Skill: Washing Dishes + Fruits/Veggies.

This invitation is a great way to expose a child to the practical life skill of washing dishes + fruits/veggies while also engaging in water play! To set this up you will need either a sensory bin/kiddie pool/big bowl/bath tub with water, soap, towel, cleaning tools (sponge/toothbrush/bottle brush), and play dishes + fruits/veggies #gifted.

Practical life activities such as this are not only enticing, they are important for young children. Activities for care of their environment are both fun and great for developing order, concentration, coordination, and independence. There are a series of steps that children will go through for a practical life activity that is wonderful for developing concentration, organization, and the ability to follow directions. Washing dishes + fruits/veggies is very attractive to children because they love anything that involves water and they are also able to model/mimic what they see adults doing everyday around them.

Water play is a staple in early childhood education. It comes so naturally to children to play and explore with water. Through water play children begin to understand & investigate with ideas such as more/less, same/different, many/few, empty/full, before/after, greater than/less than. By providing various cleaning tools (sponges, tooth brush, bottle brush, towel) the child will be exposed to different techniques of cleaning while enhancing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This activity can be done indoors/outdoors and is also great for a wide age range of children.

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