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DIY Pom Pom Ornaments

After we did our Fizzing Ornament experiment, we used the plastic ornaments for a fine motor skill activity invitation. To set this invitation you will need plastic ornaments, glitter/rainbow Pom Poms, and easy squeeze tweezers.

Invite the child to transfer the pom poms into the plastic ornaments by using the tweezers or their hands. Both techniques are just as effective when challenging the child to be able to grasp the objects with their whole hand or with thumb and index finger. When they do this they will refine their fine motor skills for other activities such as lacing beads on a string, writing, cutting, etc. later down the line.

Fine motor invitations teach children how to be patient and strategies about how they can start and finish a task. The child is literally using their hands and mind together which takes a lot of cognitive thinking and physical technique.

While these invitations may look easy and simple, it does take a bit of planning, problem solving and consistent thought process for the child to succeed. It ultimately teaches a child how to guide and use their hands and fingers so that they can grasp the items effectively and efficiently while using critical thinking in fun creative way.

Once the child has filled up the ornaments they can hang them up on their tree.

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