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Pink is for Everybody Pendulum Painting

As we continue to create for our Annual Art Auction, we read the book Pink is for Everybody. This inclusive book celebrates all things pink while emphasizing the importance of creativity, respect, acceptance and empowers children to embrace anything, to enjoy everything, to love what you love, and to be who you are.

Once we read the story we invited the children to paint with so many shades of pink! In a tray we mixed Colorations tempera paint, bicolor, and water with pink, white, red, purple, magenta, to create an array of pink shades for the children to create with. We invited the children to paint the poster pink with a pendulum!

Through this type of process art, the children subliminally explore the concept of physics by learning about the forces of motion and gravity by engaging the children with a combination of art & science (STEAM). A pendulum is a fixed object hung from a point so it can swing freely back and forth due to the force of gravity. When objects move back and forth it is demonstrating the physics of a pendulum.

Process art experiences such as these not only support their intrinsic form of creativity, it validates their ideas, interests, and work. From all developmental aspects of a child, when we let children learn to make their own decisions, solve their own problems, create so freely they feel empowered + confident, and ultimately honor their creative process by truly letting themselves enjoy everything and anything, love what they love, and be who they are while they create.

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