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Pink is For Everybody

We have been reading books Pink is for Everyone, Pink is for Boys, & Dolls and Trucks are for Everyone. These inclusive books emphasize the importance of creativity, respect, acceptance and empowers children to embrace anything, to enjoy everything, to love what you love, and to be who you are.

Once we read the stories we invited the children to our Outdoor Interactive Painting Gallery. In our paint cups we filled tempera paint with pink, white, red, purple, magenta, black, silver, and gold to create an array of pink shades for the children to create with. We invited the children to paint what they love with pink!

Process art experiences such as these not only support their intrinsic form of creativity, it validates their ideas, interests, and work. From all developmental aspects of a child, when we let children learn to make their own decisions, solve their own problems, create so freely they feel empowered + confident, and ultimately honor their creative process by truly letting themselves enjoy everything and anything, love what they love, and be who they are while the create.

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