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Persian New Year Cuisine Sensory Bin Exploration

These two sensory bins in this table represent some of the #Nowruz food traditions, along with staples in the Persian culture.

The first sensory bin is some of the Nowruz traditions. During Nowruz, you eat specific foods to welcome the new year. Kuku sabzi, a Persian herb fritatta-like dish that is made of parsley, dill, cilantro, turmeric, and eggs. It is typically served with mahst (yogurt). The main dish is sabsi polo mahi (herb rice with fish). The fish is served marinated with turmeric, saffron, garlic, and served with sour oranges.

The second sensory bin is filled with the most popular dish Chelo Kabob, which is considered the "national" dish of Iran. This dish consists of steamed rice with saffron, one of the many varieties of Iranian kabob, grilled tomatoes, and a platter of raw sabzi (raw herbs). Sometimes instead of rice a kabob is eaten with barbari bread, which is a flat bread topped with sesame or black caraway seeds.

These sensory bins let the children get a glimpse of celebrating Persian New Year while gaining a range of sensory experiences, exposure to other foods through different cultures, developing communication skills through role play, and the chance to learn through play.

Many of our favorite memories are associated with one or more of our senses, especially with food. That is why children learn best and retain more information/skills when they engage in sensory play.

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