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Oui and Si

With the pandemic so many have been creating amazing learning aids. Oui and Si founded by a French and Spanish professors, have created a unique play-based French and Spanish language boxes that celebrate learning a new language. Whether you are in a household with more than one language or learning a new language it can be difficult to provide opportunities with materials that extend the development. In our household we speak English and Farsi, but that doesn't mean we aren't open to more!

Exposing children to other languages such as Spanish and French at a young age is an optimal time for them to grasp it. Whatever your goal is these are perfect for learning something new.

Each box is thoughtfully curated with manipulatives and sensory materials. It also includes a QR code that is easily scanned to reveal an interactive lesson plan, created to focus on numbers, shapes, letters, phrases, and more.

For every box that is purchased they will be donating to a child in need.

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