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Nature View Tree BookShelf

Nature View Tree BookShelf #gifted by @discountschoolsupply helped us enhance and create an immersive nature-inspired comfy corner that nurtures a connection with the natural world. Typically in our comfy corners the goal is to provide a seating nook (sofa & chair) with soft materials, calming colors, books, plush items, sensory bottles, rugs, and plants to instantly make a child feel at "home" in order to relax.

We really believe in the importance of our indoor classrooms having comfy corners. When emotions are big and in full effect, a child needs time and space or simply needs a break from hard moments in order to adjust. This kind of safe space empowers the child to be able to process/regulate their emotions, focus, and wind down, while teaching them to deal and work through their feelings, appreciate relaxation, honor the time they need, and give them a skill of a lifetime of self-awareness + regulation. 

Books are the biggest staple in our comfy corners as it serves a double duty to encourage exposure to literacy, topics of interest, relatability to what they are experiencing, enhance imagination, and continue to provide wonder of how the world works. Whether you have a bookshelf such as this, a display bookshelf, or a basket of books that expose certain themes/celebrations/concepts, you have a variety of ways to make the greatest tools accessible to your child or children in your classroom or home.

The children were instantly drawn by the engaging design of the shel where they were able to easily select a book, sit and read under the beautiful tree. Truly, what better place to set and get cozy with than a dreamy tree filled with books?

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