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Mud Kitchen + DIY Sensory Foam Paint

Excellerations® Outdoor Toddler Mud Kitchen #gifted from Discount School Supply is not your average mud kitchen because it has a working pump that you can fill with water to be a working sink! The magic of a Mud Kitchen is truly endless. Outdoor mud kitchens provide opportunities to practice practical life skills, make sense of the world around them through dramatic play, and engage in science & sensory play by experimenting with an array of materials + tools.

Whether you play with water, mud, leaves, branches, or rocks, so much exploration is to be had in a mud kitchen. Children are sensory based learners and mud kitchens truly honor the importance of messy play in early childhood. Not to mention being able to play outside enhances a child's developmental in so many ways while strengthening their immune system.

For this invitation I placed different sized measuring cups, water, DIY Sensory Foam Paint, and extend the play space by using our Excellerations® Outdoor Sensory Mixing Table that was #gifted a while back to provide more opportunities to mix, measure, pour, and create!

To make this DIY Sensory Foam Paint you can use recycled soap foam dispenser containers or purchase some here, place a couple of pumps of dish soap at the bottom, place liquid water colors, and some water. Invite the child to create, explore, and play in their Mud Kitchen with Sensory Foam Paint.

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