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Maple Browser: Never Plan from Scratch Again

Planning for Kids' Fall Activities can take a long time. Starting today, we will plan Kids' Fall Activities for you! Pre-loaded with Notes, To-do’s and Events, discover Tinkerwonderplay's plan in @growmaple’s newly launched Browser. Simply tap “use it”, and immediately make the plan yours.

Why plan for Kids' Fall Activities in hours, when you can now plan for it in seconds? Never start from scratch again!

Now you can use plans made by other homes and brands you love and make them your own!Browse plans for birthday parties, family trips, or chore organization. Then simply tap “Use it” to add them to your home. With 9 different categories and over 300 plans to choose from, there is a plan that is just right for you.

Browse for a plan

  1. Tap “browser” to view plans

  2. Use the tabs to view different categories of plans

  3. Search for a specific type of plan

Use a plan

  1. Tap a plan to view more information about the contents

  2. Tap “Use it” to personalize this plan in your home

View your plans

  1. Tap “home” to see all the plans you’re using

  2. Personalize the plan by updating the notes, to-dos, and events

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