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2020 was really, really hard—especially for moms. In the midst of a global pandemic, families experienced more hardship and dealt with more stress around the health and safety of their loved ones than ever before.

The Ten Little #MakeALittleSpace campaign is a 30-day nationwide initiative to celebrate and honor the heroic efforts of moms in big and small ways, and make a little space for them to feel strong, beautiful, and above all, acknowledged. Every mom deserves to be recognized, whether she’s an essential worker, or just making it through another day.

Nominate a mom to receive a curated gift package of self-care and home essentials through our nomination form. Nominate now through 3/22.

Post your favorite picture of you being a mom from this past year. Tag three or more mom friends who have also been on this journey with you and tell them to pass it on so we can celebrate you. Use #MakeALittleSpace Tag @tenlittlekids


Join Ten Little in their nationwide donations drive and partnership with Baby2Baby, donate to the families that need it most.

Baby2Baby is a non-profit organization that provides children living in poverty, with diapers, clothing and the basic necessities that every child deserves. Baby2Baby has distributed 50 million essential items to some of the most vulnerable children across the country this past year.

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