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Lunar New Year Cuisine Sensory Bin Exploration

These two sensory bins in this table representing some of the Lunar New Year food traditions.

The first sensory bin is explores noodles. You can cut up yarn, string, ribbon, or pipe cleaners. Noodles symbolize happiness & longevity. The second sensory bin is rice. The symbolism of rice is increasing prosperity every year. You can incorporate pretend play food to make more realistic dishes.

These sensory bins let the children get a glimpse of celebrating Lunar New Year while gaining a range of sensory experiences, exposure to other foods through different cultures, developing communication skills through role play, and the chance to practice fine motor skills.

By placing utensils and kitchen ware they can practicing pouring/scooping/mixing/picking the sensory materials. While tools such as tongs and chopsticks can be tricky for younger children to master, they often come up with their own creative ways of using them. Tongs/Chopsticks can help children to work on hand-dominance, pre-handwriting/handwriting skills, and improve their grasp.

Many of our favorite memories are associated with one or more of our senses, especially with food. That is why children learn best and retain more information/skills when they engage in sensory play.

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