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Jungle Safari Party Activities

Giving the gift of sensory play to my best friends three littles for their joint birthday Safari!

For their animal loving littles: 4 animal kingdom sensory bins, scratch art, and play-dough station to compliment the theme of their party.

1. Monkey Kingdom: monkeys, pet bedding, wood rounds, sticks, tree house set, geometric blocks.

2. Cat Kingdom: lions, tigers, cheetahs, pet bedding, wood rounds, sticks, geometric blocks.

3. Elephant Kingdom: elephants, black bird seeds, wood rounds, dried tropical leaves, fake rocks.

4. Giraffe Kingdom: giraffes, black bird seeds, wood rounds, sticks, fake trees, geometric blocks.

5. Colorations® Scratch Art Animal Stickers 100 Stickers

6. Play-dough + safari prints.

Sharifi Safari Backdrop!

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