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Invitation to Play in the Kitchen

Dramatic play, imaginative play, creative play, role-playing, make-believe or just plain pretending…is a foundation of childhood development.

Play kitchens along with play food are a go to for dramatic play, as it gives children the opportunity to imitate what they often see adults doing. Dramatic play allows children to imagine themselves in new roles and cook up exciting scenarios.

Excellerations® Colorful Plush Fruits & Veggies #gifted are such a great addition for play kitchens especially for toddlers. The colors and plush pieces help develop color recognition and sorting skills by using familiar objects and shapes.

Children learn through play and are always exploring and experimenting – so kitchen dramatic play allows children to perform different roles and test their own creativity. They learn many things through trial and error, and what better way to try out various scenarios and situations than through pretending they are in them.

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